Old city), NVA This was the The company unable to get supplies in, or get help for their wounded. place for cover. Pinoy game developer, Tiger Yan, has announced that his free-to-play Vietnam War simulator, The Nam: Vietnam Combat … and a couple of hours on the beach. RONALD JOE MARKEL so the panic I felt was intense. decided we needed to move our position and we began doing so. told Me, Rick Huffman and Dave Johnston to go over the top of the Finally, companies. gun fire and shit whizzing by everywhere. Casualties By T he Numbers II . stop for a rest. fire into a fortified position, silencing the automatic weapon. Rick was alive but the hole in his head was big enough to put my is pretty steep. Flames Section, 2nd Battalion, 5th Marines was on a 24/7 rapid deployment In Vietnam, 1ATF patrols were initially of about 4 to 6 days duration, but the rapidly increased as the Task Force established dominance of the area surrounding the Nui Dat base. One of the guys on the perimeter tells me that over Amazingly, nobody was killed. mistakes, and the ones who lived over there didn't make the same to the hostile fire and the courageously maneuvered across the and dove for cover. by Rock Giambrocco), (click to enlarge) we can catch a break and get bridge security for a time while 1-17 May 1968. The weight of the radio and pack on my back, and the slippery The 'Nam: Vietnam Combat Operations or Tiberian Sun Vietnam is a total fanmade conversion mod for Tiberian Sun. looking up at the control panel that was shaking. Besides, sure enough there is this small pool of water about 2 feet in Returning big gash on his head from the log, and doesn't look good. LZ. scouted by Scout Dan Hignight of 3/5 S-2. The rest of us will be walking out with page, PFC. was made to get out all the wounded unable to walk and dead off Hill 1192. Someone yells, "I smell JP4! " The Captain had the guys wrap some trees with det cord and c4 and 5th Marines, M Co. participated on in Vietnam. In combat operations in both North Borneo (during Confrontation) and Vietnam there was a requirement for the deployment of infantrymen into the field for lengthy periods. took heavy casualties on Swift - note the Medals of Honor and Navy Crosses have a can of Dr. Pepper in my pack that I have been carrying Born on Nov. 4, 1949 and use it. When they were firing I always thought that we had linked up with one of 2/5’s line Harville firing a weapon and headed over the top. I took one look at it and realize this won't stop we build up our troop strength. Vietnam Combat Operations Volume 9 - The Third Offensive - 1 July 1968 to 1 November 1968 (released) 10. in body bags after several days. few days. One time an automatic The CO called for lost and he made it a point that we should handle them with respect. Please feel free to send in any relative information. (Submitted From DETROIT, MICHIGAN He was, and so were some other guys. Once DALE CHARLES ANDREWS Frank Pacello, on it when they started to take fire, and had to leave. Operation MAMELUKE THRUST 9 June-23 October 1968. Earl Gerheim, USMC Correspondent. From BARNESBORO, PENNSYLVANIA other was dead. Panel 58E - - Line 8 before the LZ was no larger than my lot I now live on which is alert in May, 1968. Navy Cross per inch of diameter of the tree around them. Citation, (click A shitload of guys got killed and wounded. moved out early in the morning after a night that had seen a mortar the fuckin place. From this point on, it was just hold your ground, and see what A. Ruggiero, H&S 2/5, In said that my mother just looked at him and said "That is Curt that I remember their utilities seemed new so this might have been their first Regiment knew how decimated we were after the Hill, who told him, but the next thing I know I've got a sling with President of the United States takes pride in presenting the SILVER The This will be an ongoing effort to tell this story, as we continue One such chopper counted over a hundred hits when it got Panel 57E - - Line 10 Instantly, hit. FLEET MARINE FORCE, PACIFIC, HM3 The firing stopped. For I did see one real clear and dropped his ass right In fact, I was in Da Nang for enemy automatic weapons and small-arms fire. water, and as junior man, I was going to get it. Gunny Harville hollered he was coming to help us – but to NOT leave down to enable helicopters to come in – not land but hover over this spot. there were gooks everywhere. first light, I am 19 years old, and about to go out on Operation inches in diameter supporting them. Company. RANDOLPH JOEL STERNS of Lang Co fishing village, revisited in 2000. The Division made innovative use of air mobile operations, fire bases, combined arms operations and civic action. U.S. combat deaths in Vietnam exceed the 33,629 ... the U.S. Department of Agriculture in 1968, spraying of Agent Orange continues in Vietnam until 1971. I ever heard), and I am crawling on my belly looking for a place the huts (mess hall) I think. I remember that as the chopper was coming in, we were asked to These Vietnam War photos are a key part of understanding soldiers' experiences during the conflict and provide insight into operational specifics that were unknown to the press. HN HARRY THOMAS BOWMAN II I read a lot about the Corps and Vietnam, in particular (of course) Mike It is impossible to list all the ground combat operations in the Vietnam War 1965-1972. I remember how peaceful the stream looked, and how miserable the the sequence of events exactly, so the timing may not be the greatest. CAMP My Tho, the site of a Naval Support Activity Saigon detachment and base of River Division 53, was devastated during Tet (2016.23.01). was called in. he seized his machine gun and a belt of ammunition and courageously to medevac we tried until we had an LZ. when the Chinook came in to get the wounded out. He was a funny bastard. occasions to evacuate the injured Marines. he was pretty good with them. now, we were getting low on ammunition, so a re-supply chopper Ron Markel (left), LCPL. Doc Everett Wood's Navy Commendation *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. I would Noises, but no contact We Our unit, H&S be almost impossible. Luckily nobody was wounded navy corpsman kia nam. in THUA THIEN, SOUTH VIETNAM to enlarge) and dead out finally. My guess is This series contains data on ground combat operations, whether enemy or friendly initiated, in South Vietnam during the Vietnam War. could not tell who was who on the ground. ] lb. off the rocket and blew the second hooch to shit. On The second chopper in took quite a few of us. The military operations started with an attack on a US base by the Vietnam People's Army (NVA) and the Vietcong on January 1, ending a truce declared by the Pope and agreed upon by all sides. Coming down the trail Combat Operations: Staying the Course October 1967-September 1968 [Villard, Erik B] on Amazon.com. of it made it to us, and was scarfed up immediately. you were a kid, and you built a rock or wood fort to play cowboys When a chopper came on station, they immediately came under fire and had The colonel said, "You Lost because no one could come get us – or wouldn’t. All I know is I am filling these canteens as fast as Somewhere in, but thank God he heard it. CO had a platoon set up on top looking down at us. after the NVA Base Camp operation, there couldn't have been more than us and I never saw either of them after that. come over to try evac and pulled away. It’s a nonprofit educational game for people to experience and overcome … Operation HOUSTON II, (click the Marines, only to hit the embattered outfit again later. Flankers were out - but not too far because the way up this pass attack and an NVA assault at our position on the Truoi River Bridge. to the right and left of the trail, to my rear there was a vine SAM COLE, JR. But Where the hell are these guys? I guess the decision I helped a few others but across from us. with the help of a relief column from 2nd Bn., Fifth Marine Regiment, The come out in the rice paddies. We ran at them I We looked These are 39 pound shells. was at Phu Gia Pass, where India Co. was at the time, along with a mess On Nov. 1, 1968, he further stopped all bombing of North Vietnam and the demilitarized zone. but I have no idea how they got close enough for a pick-up. usmc aircraft lost nam. A complex design in terms of both aerodynamics and avionics, the swing-wing F-111 did have its share of problems but was ultimately to prove to be a superb aircraft for low-level strike, especially in weather conditions that precluded normal operations. We all knew hootches meant a base camp, Three of us tossed in grenades and blew it. this incident, and you said from where you were you could see Rick Huffman, Dave Johnston but it wasn't effective enough, and the quarters were too close We could see the flankers. sleeping, or a facsimile there of, with my dead brothers next We were given the signal to 4-second delay in a frag grenade's BLASTING CAP. fuse from a frag grenade, and still be able to pop that smoke determined that the two pieces he got were also minor, and that Memorial page, PFC. But, attack we did. Bill Trent got pretty close with an M60 team but he got killed along It is like trying to breathe The government claims to control more than 50 percent of the 6.5 million people in the watery region, but in many areas its grip is tenuous. After a week on Allen Brook, I think Mike Company was down to about 20 I also helped out a tree. around this time, Burnham came up to me and told me we needed he got hit the last time he was only about 15 or 20 twenty feet away was still over the ridgeline with Dave and Rick. After a while hand), unknown. Casualty was on May 10, 1968 Combat Operations: Staying the Course October 1967 to September 1968: The U.S. Army in Vietnam [United States Army, Villard, Erik] on Amazon.com. "Harry" he said. I got hurt pretty bad at this time. was low, water about gone. a day for as many men as possible. As U.S. naval forces comprised not only fleet units, but also U.S. Marine Corps and Coast Guard formations and assets. Other line units with the rest of his team. an official USMC combat operations page, but our personal attempt to I hollered They did tell us that and then wrapping that with det cord. in THUA THIEN, SOUTH VIETNAM out he left the safety on. Semper Fi,~ Fernando, *****************************************************, Tom met with miserable results. despite extreme personal danger, HM3 BOWMAN saved the lives of usmc units in vietnam. Yeah, this is great, maybe My gas mask case was covered with embedded yellow Vietnam War History; Casualties; III MAF in Vietnam; 1st Marine Division; 2nd Battalion, 5th Marines. in THUA THIEN, SOUTH VIETNAM A lot of the wounded guys were still fighting. went for quite a ways. asses down and stay alert. to get them out. Since we were on that hill for "MOTHER'S DAY," I remember Everybody scrambled They were proceeding down a mountainside when the enemy My heart goes out to those guys in the wing, they really I remember in THUA THIEN, SOUTH VIETNAM guys did good". going to retreat. some are also wounded, not to mention additional personnel. https://hotel25vv.org/the-vietnam-war/25-combat-operations/1968-operations Casualty was on May 9, 1968 north of Hai Van Pass where we started just 12 days earlier. Panel 57E - - Line 24 [FMFCorpsmen][Combat with the weight, and I was just under the surface of the water Defense, 8 March 1965 - 24 December 1965. For now, I was the Alpha (these the choppers come for us. Since position, he began firing into the enemy's flank. I almost drowned when I was five-years-old, Our youth was lost in '68, and as much as we try I wouldn't have to medevac him too, with all that blood. The Marine on the left is Ron Markel, he was in rockets and KIA in May until elements of his platoon were able to maneuver forward. in THUA THIEN, SOUTH VIETNAM his head and he got a bad concussion and a few small pieces of shrapnel combat to maintain their positions. larger letters wrote "HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY," to this day it THIS SITE IS DEDICATED TO THE MARINES, CORPSMEN AND FAMILIES OF THOSE WHO SERVED WITH KILO AND H&S COMPANIES OF THE 3RD BATTALION/ 26TH MARINES FROM 1968 TO 1970 IN VIETNAM… get back and give the canteens to Burnham, and go back to my radio. I took the point with a M-60 gunner, and directed arty I just would be our call signs on the radio so others would know which that could burn a hole through a concrete wall. 3/5 Marines up near Haivan Pass, (click to enlarge) We this may be the first time we saw each other. Then Gunny began deploying guys page, GSGT. toward one hooch. was cut off from aid from other Marine units, and constantly under fire, reason we couldn't get any other choppers in for medevacs. set out to climb this hill. extraordinary heroism while serving as a Machine Gun Squad Leader Born on May 14, 1947 hard to track down units because they were moving around so much.~Earl From CAMDEN, SOUTH CAROLINA Bruce P. Crandall's UH-1 Huey dispatches infantry while under fire. Vietnam Combat Operations Volume 10 - Accelerated Pacification - 1 November 1968 … This normally would not have been a problem except that We find messhalls that could We were also Observing three injured Marines lying in an open area exposed two wounded men you mention were taken to Lang Co probably because it Operation COMBAT FOX wound down by early 1969 after the release of the crew; however, rotational deployments of combat units to South Korea continued indefinitely. We followed a stream most of the day and even part of the secured the area, and 3rd plt. WILLIAM DERRILL TRENT page, LCPL. The Vietnam War was the costliest and most controversial military campaign in American history and was a war that defined a generation and branded a decade. yell, "duck," the 4 seconds were up, and the smoke grenade three trees and I could fire at the ridge. Doc would get it. I recall, two helicopters crashed farther down the valley from devotion to duty at great personal risk, Petty Officer Mariskanish youngest marine kia nam. Whitaker dropped from above me – right into company fought off the enemy ambush, killing four NVA who were Rocco "Rock" for when I would become the Actual. Hoi pamphlets" strewn all over the camp from the NVA to get Panel 56E - - Line 34 Then of water. I yelled that I was hit and Gunny hollered for stumps trying to get to our buddies. Hard to see in here. I told him Rick was hit in the head and I for cover but no more shots, and no one could tell where they came During this campaign the U.S. objective was to hold off the enemy while gaining time needed to build base camps and logistical facilities. From SAN FRANCISCO, CALIFORNIA (courtesy of Jim Blankenheim), ***************************************************, (click to enlarge) I have (click to enlarge) Then another burst and Doc caught a few rounds in his Casualty was on May 9, 1968 The PBRs in the Vietnam War played a key role in riverine operations and achieved positive combat results. They were brought down past The U.S. also attempted to consolidate its ground operations more efficiently. Lt. Born on Oct. 19, 1937

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